The Making Of Plastic Bags

Basically, the standard quality plastic bags are of virgin quality made directly from plastic granules without any filler which can be termed as one of the highest superior quality. Further, these bags are reprocessed to make bags of second quality which can be termed as semi virgin or second quality. With the view of giving the best to our clients, we strictly adhere to "ONLY VIRGIN BAGS" without any fillers.

Plastic bags are mainly made of two qualities, one being HM & the other being LD. In simple terms, HM has a matt type look &finish; moreover having a hard appearance. On the contrary, LD has a glossy look & finish & seems bit soft in appearance.
The suggestive minimum thickness for HM bags would be 50 microns & 75 microns for LD though bags can be in made in thickness ranging from 20 microns to 150 microns.